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The Farmhouse Environmental Policy.

The Environment is a subject that Julie Nussbaumer and the family care passionately about. Balancing a sustainable business with our environmental responsibilities is at the forefront of every decision the company takes. Here is just a small sample of some of the things we are able to do at The Farmhouse Hotel.

We have installed bird boxes on the property to encourage owls and smaller birds to nest, allowed part of the garden to grow wild to encourage insects, and have planted trees and shrubs to form a “wildlife corridor” with adjoining properties.

We endeavour to be as environmentally responsible as possible and as such try to reduce and recycle waste wherever we are able to. All our cardboard is sent for recycling, as is our plastic, bottles, cans and newspapers. Our used cooking oil is collected to be transformed into bio-diesel.

Our Eco-Boutique toiletries in the bedrooms and toilets come in recycled bottles, and we encourage guests to re-use their towels to save on laundering them every day, thereby reducing detergents entering the ecosystem and saving on energy.

We have also fitted energy efficient & long-lasting LED light bulbs throughout the hotel with motion sensors in corridors and daylight sensors in the car parks to reduce energy wastage, and energy saving units in all rooms, which prevents equipment being left on standby whilst the room is unoccupied.